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Ines Pena

Ines is OneFamily’s Digital Content Executive. She joined OneFamily three years ago, bringing with her a wide range of writing experience across multiple industries, including fashion, travel and technology. 

Ines feels her personal mission is to make complex financial topics accessible to everyone by translating her in-depth knowledge of financial products into easy-to-understand guides. Her friendly and personable style of writing helps her give readers a fresh perspective on topics they might have otherwise have seen as boring. 

Having also worked in a variety of other creative fields, such as graphic design and illustration, Ines is our in-house expert at producing clear infographics and other visual content to break down subjects like budgeting methods, financial products and money news.

Previously published on: 
Fora-de-Serie magazine (Portugal, print)
Plaza Magazine (United Arab Emirates, print)
StyleSwitch (Italy)

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