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5 reasons to get insured on your parents' car as a young driver

Written by Ines Pena, Digital Content Executive

You've finally passed your test and can't wait to get out on the road, but if you don't yet have your own car, all those hours of practice can start to feel wasted.

There is a solution. As long as your parents trust you and your driving skills, one way to build up your driving confidence while keeping costs down is to get named driver insurance on your parents' car.

How can I get insured on my parents' car as a young driver?

There are a few types of insurance you can get that will allow you to drive your parents' car as a young driver, even if you're still a learner or you've only just passed your test.

Car insurance provider Marmalade specialises in helping young people and new drivers get started on the road - whether they already have their licence or not - and they offer a variety of insurance policies.

If you're between the ages of 17 and 27, have a full or provisional driving licence and you're looking to drive your parents' or grandparents' car, you can get Marmalade's Named Young Driver insurance. There's two options available:

  • annual insurance, where you pay for a full year and you're covered for up to 10,000 miles
  • or pay as you go insurance, where you only pay for the miles you drive.

Why you should get insured on your parents' car

If you're on the fence about getting Named Young Driver insurance, here are some of the benefits you could be taking advantage of.

1. It's cheaper than buying your own car

Even if you buy yourself a second-hand car at a fair price, it's still going to cost at least a few thousand pounds. In fact the average cost of buying a used car is around £3,592, according to GoCompare.

By putting off buying and saving for longer instead, you could get a better car than you'd originally planned.

2. Named Young Driver Insurance may be more affordable than you think

According to Consumer Intelligence, the average cost of insurance for drivers under 25 years old is around £1,917 per year. It's high because you'll be considered risky since you're not an experienced driver yet.

Adding this to the cost of buying a first car can make getting out there on the road almost impossible to afford for many new drivers.

If you're looking to start driving soon, getting insured on your parents' car can be a great way to keep costs down.

Since you'll be sharing a car with a family member, meaning you won't be able to drive it all the time, choosing a pay as you go option means you only pay for the miles you actually drive. If you plan on driving mostly on weekends and holidays, this can get you on the road sooner than you might think and for less than you expected!

3. You can start earning your own no claims discount

A no claims discount, also known as a no claims bonus, is a discount you get on your car insurance. The longer you've been driving without making a claim, the bigger your no claims discount. If you don't make any claims on your car insurance for five years, for example, you could get up to 60% off your insurance policy.

Since you won't have much, if any, experience as a driver when you first get behind the wheel on your own, you won't get a no claims discount.

But by getting insured on your parents' car as a named driver with Marmalade, you can start earning that discount so that when you do get your own car later on you'll be paying less for your insurance.

They'll also offer you a 5% discount on their black box insurance when that time comes if you decide to stick with them!

4. You won't affect your parents' no claims discount

With Marmalade's Named Young Driver Insurance, if something happens when you're behind the wheel, Marmalade will take care of your claim and it won't affect your parent's no claims discount.

This means the claim won't go on your parent's record, so it won't affect how much they pay for their own insurance policy.

Knowing they won't lose money if something goes wrong and that they won't have to drive you everywhere anymore can go a long way towards persuading your parents to let you drive their car!

5. It's an affordable way to practise your driving skills and gain confidence

You've no doubt heard that driving is all about experience and confidence. Whether you're still learning to drive or you've just got your licence, the best way to become a good (and safe!) driver is to practise.

The more confident and experienced you become as a driver, the less likely you are to have an accident - meaning the more affordable your car insurance will become.

Getting insured on your parents' car can help you gain driving experience without having to spend money buying your own car and getting an expensive insurance policy.

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Ready to get behind the wheel?

Have you heard of Marmalade?

Marmalade is a car insurance provider designed especially for young drivers, whether they've passed their test or not. It offers pay as you go insurance, which you can use on your parents' car, and black box insurance for insuring your own car.

Visit Marmalade's website for a quote

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