Why we’re focusing on financial wellbeing

It can be difficult to manage your finances without a clear understanding of how money works. We believe that access to financial education and support is key to financial wellbeing and a fundamental right for everyone.

This year we’ll be partnering with a charity that shares this belief.

We’ve chosen three national charities who are all working to improve access to financial education and support on a national level. As a OneFamily customer, it’s up to you which charity we partner with – we want you to be as proud as we are of the causes your investments are helping to support.

Read about the work each charity is doing below and use the form to cast your vote. The charity with the most votes will become our OneFamily National Charity Partner. They’ll benefit from funding as well as hands-on support.

Voting closes 17 June 2022 at 11am.

A mother and daughter working together

Shortlisted charities


RedSTART gives children from disadvantaged backgrounds a leg up. It works to equip young people with real life skills that help them to understand how money works and to avoid debt traps. The charity is determined to resolve key barriers to social mobility by levelling the playing field.

RedSTART works with children aged five and up – reaching them at a time in their lives when real change begins and habits are formed. The charity works closely with 15,000 children across 30 schools in five regions, helping to teach them the basic knowledge of money they’ll need in the future.

With a commitment to long-term change, RedSTART sees the same children every year throughout their primary school life. This helps embed the taught skills over time so that they last.

RedSTART is flipping the game on its head for thousands of children by using play-based, experiential learning to equip them with the skills everyone has the right to possess.

The charity hopes its approach will become the blueprint for widespread change across all primary schools in the UK.

How a OneFamily partnership will help:

A partnership with OneFamily would provide financial support towards RedSTART’s school programme. We’d also train members of our own staff to help deliver the programme and host workshops in the OneFamily office.

The partnership would also help boost awareness of RedSTART’s work, connecting them with potential funders, volunteers and disadvantaged schools in East Sussex, and supporting them in lobbying the government to roll out the programme in every state primary school in the UK.

The Money Charity

The Money CharityThe Money Charity supports young people and communities to make the most of their money throughout their lives. It does this by delivering free ‘Money Workshops’, which cover key money management topics such as saving, credit, banking, budgeting, student finance and more. With the rising cost of living, it’s more important than ever that young people have control of their finances, but only 44% of 11-17 year olds feel confident managing their money (MaPS, 2019).

The interactive and discussion-focused workshops are facilitated by expert consultants based across the UK. They’re delivered in a range of settings, including schools, Youth Offending Services, Pupil Referral Units and charity groups, so that they reach as many young people are possible.

How a OneFamily partnership will help:

The Money Charity relies on donations to offer workshops free of charge, allowing it to reach more young people and provide them with the skills and knowledge to make the most of their money throughout their lives. Demand for workshops is increasingly high which is fantastic, however, the charity is in need of additional funding in order to meet this demand.

OneFamily's support will help the charity meet this demand and ensure young people are able to make the most of their money. Each workshop costs the charity £250 to deliver, so a donation of £50,000 would pay for 200 hours of workshops, reaching approximately 5,000 young people.

Debt Advice Foundation

Debt Advice Foundation

The Debt Foundations offers free, impartial debt advice and helps people with debt problems to gain access to solutions to help them. The charity runs an award-winning debt education programme, DebtAware, aimed at 9-11 year old children, which is currently being delivered in 125 schools in north-west England.

DebtAware is a unique example of successful peer-to-peer learning. Secondary school students have written some of the material for the lessons and Money Mentors, who are children from their own class, are appointed to lead the follow-up activities. Tasks are sent home for the children to complete with their parents/carers, to involve parents in the financial education sessions.

The charity promotes financial capability and money management to reduce the likelihood of debt occuring.

How a OneFamily partnership will help:

The Debt Advice Foundation set up its DebtAware programme in 2013 as a way to support debt prevention as well as to provide advice. It was established as a free financial education service for schools and as demand grew the charity was asked to make an annual donation towards the cost of running the programme.

A partnership with OneFamily would help to further improve the DebtAware Programme through setting up training courses for teachers, updating resources and creating videos and computer games to increase access and engagement.

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