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6 reasons you should get insured on your parent’s car

It’s cheaper than buying your own car

A recent survey conducted by young driver insurance specialist Marmalade highlighted that their customers spent an average amount of £4,485¹ to purchase their current car, so getting insured on a parent’s car really could save you some serious cash!

It may be easier to get covered on your parent’s car than you think – our friends at Marmalade offer a range of car sharing options from learner to full licence. These include monthly insurance for learner drivers, Pay as You Go Insurance which allows you to pay by the mile, or annual cover up to 10,000 miles per year (provided you’re not the main driver, of course).

It may be more affordable than you think

The average cost of insurance for young drivers in the UK is £1589², and this combined with the cost of a new car, may make getting on the road unaffordable for many. Fear not – there is hope! Choosing a flexible option like Pay As You Go Insurance on a parent’s car lets you stay in control of what you spend and is ideal if you’re driving less than 3000 miles per year. The cost of this cover with Marmalade starts at £195 for the first 500 miles, with top ups available from 20p³. Miles last 12 months’ so it’s perfect if you’re just using the car during the holidays or at weekends.

You can start earning a No Claims Discount

Marmalade’s Pay As You Go Insurance and Named Young Driver Insurance allow you to share a parent’s car and earn a No Claims Discount for every year with without a claim. This means that you should be able to make a nice saving when you are ready to insure your own car – plus, if you stay with Marmalade, they’ll give you an extra 5% discount⁴ on their black box insurance as a thank you for sticking with them!

There’s no risk to your parent’s No Claims Discount

Your folks will be pleased to know that they won’t be risking their well-earned No Claims Discount by letting you drive their car. If you do have an accident (which we hope you won’t), Marmalade will look after the claim and your parents’ insurance won’t be affected. We’re sure they would be chuffed with this – and the fact they can retire from their taxi service duties!

Maintain your driving skills and confidence

Whether you’re learning to drive, or have passed your driving test, keeping your skills up to date will not only help you develop your safe driving skills, it will also enable you to gain confidence on the road. It’s safe to say that the more experienced you are as a driver, the less likely you are to have an accident, which will stand you in good stead to earn your No Claims Discount.

  1. Survey conducted by Marmalade in May 2021 with Marmalade Black Box Insurance customers insuring their own car. Car cost quoted is an average based on the 825 responses.
  2. The average premium quoted for drivers aged under 25 in the UK is £1589 based on the Consumer Intelligence Car Insurance Price index (Sept 2021).
  3. Prices for the first 500 miles and top-ups are based on our lowest risk postcode and is correct as of 11.11.2021. Top-up prices are dependent on your driving score.
  4. Anyone that has held a Marmalade policy will receive a 5% discount on their Black Box Insurance. Terms and conditions apply to loyalty discounts. Details are correct as of 11.11.2021.

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