How to get your kids into the savings habit

03 Dec 2018

Financial education became an official part of the National Curriculum in schools in 2014, to the delight of campaigners who wanted kids to get formal lessons in money management.

How to hold your nerve during stock market turbulence

23 Nov 2018

When turbulence hits the stock market, it can be easy for investors to panic and make decisions they will regret in the long term.

How to teach teens money management skills

19 Nov 2018

Personal finance lessons are now part of the national curriculum, but some teachers say they’re not enough. So what can parents do to help teens improve their money management skills?

What Einstein could do for your baby’s savings

01 Nov 2018

Steve Ferrari, Managing Director of Children's Savings at OneFamily, talks us through how compound returns could help your baby’s savings grow into a nest egg over the years.

The best places to live and work in the UK

24 Oct 2018

And yes, you’re reading that right. According to our survey, Sunderland is currently rated the top UK city.

How to make money as a teenager – a quick guide

11 Oct 2018

Earning your own money for the first time is an exciting prospect. Having a job gives you some independence and is a good way of learning money management skills. Read our short guide to working as a teenager so you know your rights, how to find your first job and a whole lot more.

How does equity release work? Read our lifetime mortgages myth buster

05 Oct 2018

Equity release comes in two main forms; home reversion plans and lifetime mortgages. Here we focus on the latter and tackle some of the common myths around how they work.

How first time buyers could get on the property ladder faster

28 Sep 2018

It seems like it’s never been harder to own your own home. House prices today are more than 100 times higher than they were in the 1960s, while the average UK salary has only increased 33-fold over that period.

How positive visualisation can help with financial planning

21 Sep 2018

Sports psychologists know that positive visualisation helps athletes win. The idea is that by mentally rehearsing a detailed scenario in which you perform at your absolute best, you are more likely to be able to repeat this in your physical performance on the day. The power of the mind can actually help the body to do what it needs to do to win.

The first-time homebuyer harmony test

29 Aug 2018

Take our quiz to find out if the person you’re considering making a joint property purchase with is a good match.

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