Alternatives to downsizing your home

16 Apr 2019

There are few more satisfying moments in life than finally paying off your mortgage. The downside is that it's probably sucked up most of your spare cash along the way – and there's a good chance you'll be either retired or very close to retirement by the time you've paid it off.

It's a scenario financial planners call being "asset rich but cash poor". And for some, selling up and moving to a smaller property – or ‘downsizing’ – can seem like the only option to free up some money.

Four ways to invest in the world’s future – as well as your own

12 Apr 2019

As a nation, we’re becoming more conscientious consumers and voting with our wallets on issues that matter to us.

How renters could save towards a house deposit

12 Apr 2019

A new government-backed savings scheme has been designed to make it easier for young people to take their first steps onto the property ladder.

OneFamily’s Brexit statement

08 Feb 2019

It is our current view that EU Withdrawal will not impact customers who live within the UK or the Crown Dependencies.

How to trace a lost Child Trust Fund

21 Jan 2019

Some six million young people across the UK have a Child Trust Fund. But research suggests that more than one in six of them may have been lost.

Is your teen ready for their Child Trust Fund?

18 Jan 2019

If your son or daughter has just celebrated their 16th birthday, an extra dose of congratulations may be in order.
Anyone who has turned 16 since the start of September 2018 may potentially have reached an additional landmark – namely, they have become owners, in the eyes of the law, of the first wave of Child Trust Funds.

Top tips to help your teen understand the value of money

14 Jan 2019

Our attitudes around money are shaped from a very young age. Research suggests that at just nine years old, children are mature enough to understand the concept of saving money.

Five things you didn’t know about investing

08 Jan 2019

Once you have a trusty rainy day cash account sorted, it’s time to think about saving for the longer term and getting a decent return on your savings.

Some of the best savings accounts for the self-employed

07 Jan 2019

Savers have had a notoriously tough time in recent years. Rock-bottom interest rates have made it difficult to earn a decent return on cash in the bank.

Saving for children this Christmas

02 Jan 2019

Instead of loading up with more toys or gadgets to hand out to your children on Christmas Day, how about giving them some financial security instead?

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