20 seriously good social networking sites, clubs and forums for over 50s

30 May 2019

Joining new clubs and societies is a great way to get out there and meet new people, but if you live in a rural area with limited social opportunities or just find it hard to step out of your comfort zone, this can be rather tricky.

Children’s Rites of Passage

05 Apr 2019

Parents Aspirations Guide

21 Sep 2017

What aspirations do you have for your child? What aspirations does your child have? A report on parents' aspirations for their children's futures.

Family Support Network

21 Sep 2017

Families depend on one another at all stages of life. OneFamily surveyed 2,218 members of the public to find out how different generations support one another financially, and what that money is spent on.

The new normal: Modern families in 2016

03 Aug 2016

The nuclear family of two married parents and one or more children hasn’t been the norm since the 1980s. And the UK population is now so diverse that there is not one definitive model of the ‘traditional’ family.

The soaring cost of dying

04 Jul 2014

In spite of low mortality rates, funeral costs are sky-high and have steadily increased over recent years. The soaring cost of dying is becoming increasingly important. It is becoming fundamental for people to have protection in place if they want to shield family members from having to foot a hefty funeral bill...

10 reasons to write a will

22 Aug 2013

Dying without writing a will can create problems. If you don’t write a will, your family could face big financial headaches or they may even row over who gets what. It might also result in your family having to pay more inheritance tax then they need to.

Teaching kids for a financially-savvy future

27 Feb 2013

We teach our children to read and write, add and subtract, learn foreign languages, and even discuss the awkward issue of sex. But when it comes to learning how to look after their money, our education system has fallen short.