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A stack of balancing pebbles on a beach

Encouraging a balanced attitude towards money

If you’re worried that your teens might be leaning too far in one direction, we’ve compiled a few ideas that might help with encouraging a balanced attitude.

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A teenager dancing down the street in celebration

Top 5 money management tips for teens

Learning to budget and make a plan to grow your money at a young age can help protect you financially in the future.

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Rows of university students at a graduation ceremony

Is university worth it?

With tuition fees costing £9,000 a year and the rise of living independently increasing, is it worth the financial cost of getting a degree?

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A child, wearing glasses, sleeping on a sofa, with a blanket.

Should you charge your kids rent?

How much rent should you charge your children once they’re old enough to earn their own money?

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A sunset scene of a row of old houses in the Cotswolds

What are the best places to live and work in the UK?

Discover the UK’s best places to live and work based on quality-of-life factors including value for money and work opportunities.

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Child wearing a tie talking on the phone

Children’s Savings Guide

Making good financial decisions now can lead to a wonderful gift for their future

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