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Charity sets out to get financial education taught in primary schools

October 2022

OneFamily’s new charity partner, RedSTART, has begun an ambitious research programme to find out how learning about finance in primary school can help people later on in life.

RedSTART will be working with King’s College Policy Institute on the seven-year study, which aims to prove the need to change the school curriculum to help children understand how money works.

The charity works with 47 primary schools from across the UK, transforming the life chances of some of the UK’s most disadvantaged children.

Using fun and interactive activities, RedSTART teaches children about buying, selling and saving. By starting at an early age and working with them throughout their time at school, RedSTART equips children with the skills they need to look after their money, budget and avoid debt when they get older.

"At OneFamily, we share RedSTART’s belief that everyone should have the same opportunities to grow their money as everyone else in society," said Olly Deacon, senior marketing owner at OneFamily.

"That’s why we’ll be working closely with the charity to support this crucial work both financially and practically."

"As financial literacy levels fall and the gap between the rich and poor grows, it’s never been more important to level the playing field"

Olly Deacon, senior marketing owner, OneFamily

The programme, called Change the Game, aims to take the work RedSTART is already doing even further. A leading academic team from King’s College Policy Institute will compare the attitudes, behaviour and educational success of children who receive support from RedSTART versus a control group who don’t.

RedSTART plans to take the results to the government to petition for financial education to be added to the UK primary school curriculum.

“Our ultimate aim is to no longer be needed,” said Sarah Marks, RedSTART CEO. “If we can convince the government to recognise the critical gap in educational provision and take on board our recommendations, then we will be well on course to achieving that objective.”

RedSTART was chosen as our charity partner by OneFamily members in a vote earlier this year. Find out more about the charity on its website.

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