The power of advice: Majority of over 55s who think they know what retirement financial solution they need change their minds following financial advice

19 Aug 2019

Research amongst later life financial advisers by OneFamily has revealed that a quarter (25%) of their clients have an idea of what they want when taking advice. However, of these people, over half of them (55%) changed their minds after speaking to a financial adviser, demonstrating the value and importance of financial advice.

£8.5 billion inheritance skipping a generation every year

07 Aug 2019

New research by financial services provider OneFamily has revealed an estimated £8.5 billion of inheritance wealth is now skipping a generation each year, as older relatives recognise the youngest family members are more in need of support.

The inheritance divide: 3.5 million over 65s feel guilty about spending money

12 Jun 2019

Three in 10 (29%) over 65s worry about spending money on themselves because they have their family’s inheritance on their mind – the equivalent of 3.5 million[i] people across the UK.[i] According to the latest ONS population data (November 2018), 18.2% of the population were recorded as being 65 years or older, which is 12,012,000 people. 29 per cent of over 65s worry about spending money on themselves’ as they have their family’s inheritance on their mind – the equivalent of 3,483,479.

One in four downsizers get less than they bargained for

22 May 2019

One in four (24%) downsizers ended up with less money than they expected when selling their property, with legal fees, stamp duty, moving and renovation costs eating into their profit.

OneFamily urges the government to remove the transfer limit for Help to Buy ISA customers who want to move their savings into the Lifetime ISA

13 May 2019

OneFamily is urging the government to remove the £4,000 transfer limit for customers who want to replace their Help to Buy ISA with a Lifetime ISA.

£34.1 million Help to Buy ISA bailout

28 Apr 2019

Glasgow number one city for first-time buyer affordability

09 Apr 2019

Research has revealed Glasgow tops the list as the best city for first-time buyer affordability, with the highest average salary when compared to the average property price.

Internet, mobiles and money top parental worries

20 Mar 2019

There are many important rites of passage for children, from getting their first set of house keys, to being trusted with money independently but new research reveals that the majority of parents (76%) fret about the ‘right’ ages for these milestones, as modern life opens up uncharted waters.

Over 55s poorly informed about retirement options

11 Mar 2019

Research has revealed that the majority of workers over 55 aren’t aware of the different options for funding retirement. While pensions awareness is high (92%), other options, which may be more suitable for their personal needs, aren’t even on their radar.

Property vs pension: Over 65s hold nearly five times as much wealth in property than pensions

18 Feb 2019

Analysis has revealed that over 65s have nearly five times as much in their property than their pensions savings , with £1.6 trillion held in property wealth, compared to £336 billion held in retirees’ pensions.

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