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Read more about what we’re doing to support our members and communities in our report

Our vision

Our Inspiring Better Futures vision underpins our commitment to supporting our members and customers, creating an inclusive and diverse work environment and making a real difference in our communities.

Three pillars

Members and customers

Building financial wellbeing through the provision of accessible and affordable products and services to help protect and save for the future


Supporting our collagues' development and growth, and building their financial resilience


Creating a better future through supporting education and financial inclusion for all

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We're focused on 3 key areas to support our Inspiring Better Futures vision:

  1. Financial wellbeing - Offering affordable products that give more people the opportunity to save, and partnering with a charity that delivers financial education to children
  2. Access to education and training – Removing barriers to education through Young Person’s Education Grants, and supporting charities that are making access to education available to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
  3. Improving life chances – Giving back to our communities through colleague volunteering, and working with charities that are levelling the playing field and helping people to succeed in work and life

Supporting our members and customers

We’re here for our members and customers, creating value for them as well as supporting them with their financial wellbeing through our products, services and member benefits.

We believe that access to education is key to unlocking future opportunities. So we offer our customers the opportunity to apply for a Young Person's Education Grant for someone aged 15-19, to help with essential costs such as technology, travel and equipment.

In 2022 we awarded over £52k to 210 young people, helping them to invest in a better future.

Find out more here.

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Climate-friendly funds

We’re working towards providing responsible investment opportunities and supporting businesses striving to be better for the environment.

Our Stocks and Shares ISA and Lifetime ISA both come with the option to invest in a climate-friendly fund.

Our Global Equity fund buys shares in companies that are overall less damaging to the environment compared to similar companies in the same sector. If you choose the Global Mixed fund, up to 35% of your money is invested this way, while the rest is invested in lower-risk, fixed-interest assets.

We choose where to invest your money based partly on how companies rank on our climate-friendly scoring system, which looks at how much of a company’s money is made through environmentally damaging activities and how much comes from carbon neutral or carbon negative activities.

Find out more about climate-friendly funds here

Inspiring Better Futures report

We've built Inspiring Better Futures into the heart of what we do. Find out more about our vision by downloading our report.

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