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Where to get financial advice, who to ask for help

It’s not always obvious or clear what you should do with money. Choosing whether to save or invest can be difficult. However, it is possible to come to a firm decision once you know what your options and priorities actually are.

Where to get financial advice

Whatever you decide to do with your money it’s a good idea to speak with your parents, guardians or other trusted adults about it.

If you want to look further afield for advice on your options, there are a few free financial advice services that are there to support you.

Money Helper

Money Helper is a government-backed service that provides free, confidential financial advice for anyone who needs it in the UK.

You can talk to them on an internet chat, on WhatsApp, or on a telephone call. Find out more details on their website.

Citizen’s Advice Bureau

Citizen’s Advice Bureau has a slightly broader focus, but it includes providing free, confidential financial advice.

It’s made up of hundreds of independent charities around the UK. You can search the network to find your local branch and to get in touch for free advice. Find out more.

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