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Child Trust Fund - Terms and Conditions

In the table below are links to the latest versions of our Child Trust Fund (CTF) Terms and Conditions (T&Cs), including those that will apply after the 'child' turns 18, which is when the account becomes a Matured CTF.

If you're not sure which T&Cs relate to your account, check your annual statement to find the name of the fund your CTF is invested in. You can also find out by logging in or registering for an online account. The fund names are shown in the table below.

If you have a Cash CTF, your money won't be invested in a fund, instead you'll receive interest on your savings. The Cash CTF T&Cs can also be found in the below table.

For post-18 T&Cs, we've mainly focused on the parts that are new or will change when the account becomes a Matured CTF. For anything that isn't included in the Matured CTF T&Cs, you should refer to the pre-18 T&Cs for your fund.

For a summary of some of the key changes that will happen when the child turns 18 and the account becomes a Matured CTF, see the information below the table.

Child Trust Fund Matured Child Trust Fund
Product name Fund name T&Cs (Pre-18) T&Cs (Post-18)
OneFamily CTF Family Investments Child Trust Fund
Family Charities Ethical Trust
OneFamily Stockmarket 100 Trust (ex-Engage Mutual)
Download T&Cs Download Changes at 18
Santander CTF Santander International Multi Index Fund Download T&Cs
UK Equity CTF (ex-Legal and General) Legal and General (N) Tracker Trust Download T&Cs
Barclays CTF Barclays PROSPER Download T&Cs
Cash CTF (ex-Santander) Not applicable as not invested in a fund, this CTF pays a rate of interest Download T&Cs Download Changes at 18

Changes at 18

When you turn 18, your CTF will automatically become a Matured CTF.

While most things will stay the same as before your birthday, there are some things that have to change. Below are some of the key differences.

Register for an online account to see the current value of your CTF and let us know what you'd like to do next.