Put a little away for when they're all grown up

Our Junior ISA lets you put money aside for the things your child might really want going into their adult life: going to uni, driving lessons or perhaps helping to pay for a flat of their own.

It’s designed to be a long term children’s investment. You invest for your child’s future, and only they can take the money out, once they’re 18.



We'd like to give you a little gift to say thank you for your application. Open our Junior ISA online and set up a Direct Debit of £20 or more, and we'll send you a £30 Amazon e-voucher.

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Invested in stocks and shares

We’ll invest your child’s money in stocks and shares because we believe there is good potential for growth over the long term. Of course, good returns in the past don’t guarantee good returns in the future and remember, because we invest in stocks and shares, the Junior ISA's value can fall as well as rise, so your child could get back less than has been paid in.

Good potential to grow

Over every 18 year period in the last 50 years, stocks and shares have made more money than cash accounts (where the money is protected)*.

*Source: Barclays equity gilt study February 2015. Average annual real rate of return based on Barclays indices.

Read more about how stocks and shares have performed against cash* »

*Please note that the information provided is for your reference only and is based on general market information, not our own data.

Anyone can pay in

Family and friends can make really worthwhile contributions to your child’s ISA, either by paying in regularly or making a one-off payment. You just need to make sure the combined payments don’t go over £4,080 this tax year.

Easy to manage

Register for Online Account Management to amend your payment amounts or personal details and see how much your child could get when they’re age 18.


There’s no income tax or capital gains tax on the final amount, so your child’s money could go that little bit further. Remember tax advantages depend on individual circumstances and may change in the future.

Affordable and flexible

You choose how much you want to pay in, and when. From £10 a month to £4,080 in the current tax year. And you can change how much you’re paying in, or start and stop payments, whenever you want.

Award winning

We won the Moneyfacts award for Best Junior ISA Provider in 2015. And as Family Investments we won the same award in 2012 and 2014.

Moneyfacts Award Junior ISA 2015 OneFamily

Our Junior ISA

How much could your child get?

We all want our children to do well in life and there are certain milestones where a little help from parents can make a massive difference.  Whether you're investing a little or a lot, you can use our calculator to work out how you could build up a very useful amount by the time they're 18.

The figures are a guide only, and we can't guarantee them. They're not a reliable indication of future performance. The amount your child gets back depends on how the investment grows. Stocks and shares can fall as well as rise so the child could back less than has been paid in. Also, the cost of living generally increases so the final amount may not buy as much in the future as it could now.

Slide to the amount per month you intend to invest

  • £121

Slide to the current age of your child


Amount your child could receive at age 18


    2% annual growth


      5% annual growth


        8% annual growth

        The results assume amounts for low (2%), mid (5%) and high (8%) annual growth levels. These figures include a deduction of annual management charges of 1.5% and additional expenses of 0.2%. Calculations are not exact and these charges may vary in the future.

        If you open a OneFamily Junior ISA, we'll send you statements twice a year to show you how your child's account is coming along.

        Junior ISA explained

        Give us two minutes and we'll tell you all about the Junior ISA.


        Picking a fund

        When you open your child's Junior ISA, you can choose from two funds. Both invest in stocks and shares, but in different ways. Which one suits you best?

        Family Balanced International Fund

        • 'Balanced' because the fund invests in other areas, as well as stocks and shares, which could reduce your potential losses, but could also mean smaller gains.
        • 'International' because it invests overseas as well as in the UK
        • If you prefer a broader range of investments that spread the risk, this could be the right choice for you.


        Fund factsheet »

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        Family Charities Ethical Trust Fund

        • Only buys shares in companies with a responsible outlook on social, ethical and environmental issues.
        • Mainly UK shares, in companies on the FTSE4Good UK 50 Index.
        • If you want to invest in companies actively working towards environmental sustainability, this could be the one for you.

        Fund factsheet »

        Key Investor Information »

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        You’ll find more information to help you choose your fund in the Junior ISA Important Information booklet and the ethical Junior ISA Important Information booklet.

        *"FTSE ®" is a trademark jointly owned by the London Stock Exchange plc and the Financial Times Limited and is used under license by FTSE. FTSE does not sponsor, endorse or promote this product.

        Questions and answers about our Junior ISA

        Who can open a Junior ISA?

        Anyone with parental responsibility for a child can open a Junior ISA.

        Who is eligible for a Junior ISA?

        To be eligible for a Junior ISA, your child must:

        • Be resident in the UK
        • Be under the age of 18
        • Not have been eligible for a Child Trust Fund
        • If your child already has a Child Trust Fund, it can be transferred to open a Junior ISA. Your child will have been eligible for a Child Trust Fund if they were born between September 2002 and 3rd January 2011.

        Our Junior ISA is only available for children under the age of 16.

        Can I access the money paid into a Junior ISA?

        No, the account is set up for the child. Only they can access the money, and only after they turn 18.

        What happens when my child reaches 18?

        When your child reaches age 18, their Junior ISA will become an adult ISA, so they can keep saving if they wish.

        Do I have to take out a new Junior ISA, with a new provider, each tax year?

        No, your Junior ISA can remain with a single provider throughout the lifetime of the account. You may also transfer the funds to another provider at any time.

        Can I transfer my child’s Junior ISA between providers?

        Yes, you can transfer your child’s Junior ISA to another provider at any time.

        It's easy to transfer into our Junior ISA and we don't make any charges to do this. You will need to transfer £500 or more though.

        How to transfer a Junior ISA to OneFamily

        • Check you have all the facts by reading the Important Information booklets, factsheets and, for our ethical Junior ISA, the Key Investor Information document.
        • Choose which fund you want to invest in.
        • Download and print the form for the fund you want.
        • Complete the form and send it to us at FREEPOST ONEFAMILY.

        Important: By completing and sending us a transfer form you are confirming that you have downloaded and kept a copy of the Important Information booklet and, where relevant, the Key Investor Information document. If you are unable to save a copy of any of these documents, please call 0800 616 695.

        Documents and forms to transfer into our Junior ISA

        Documents and forms to transfer into our ethical Junior ISA


        My child already has a Child Trust Fund, can I also open a Junior ISA in their name?

        No. Your child cannot have both a Child Trust Fund and a Junior ISA. However, if your child already has a Child Trust Fund, you can transfer the account to open the Junior ISA.

        To transfer a Child Trust Fund, you must be the Registered Contact on the account. Once you have made the transfer into a Junior ISA you cannot transfer back into a Child Trust Fund. Before making a decision to transfer, you should check if the current Child Trust Fund provider will charge a fee. Read more on how to transfer a CTF to a Junior ISA ».

        Can I transfer money from a Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA?

        Yes, you can transfer a Child Trust Fund to open a Junior ISA, provided you're the Registered Contact on the Child Trust Fund account.

        As an award-winning provider of both products the choice between moving from a CTF to a JISA really comes down to the individual family and how they are looking to make the most of their product and savings.

        It's easy to apply online

        TALK TO US

        You can talk to our friendly UK team and apply directly over the phone on:

        0800 616 695*

        We'll be here from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on a Saturday.

        *We might record your call to help improve our security and training. We hope you don’t mind. You also need to know that calls are usually free from UK landlines and mobiles.


        Or, if you prefer we can post you our full application pack, for you to read and maybe share with your family members.

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        Apply online

        Once you've read and understood the Important Information booklet and fund fact sheets – and you know which fund you want – you can apply right here, online in just 10 minutes.

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        Find out more with these key documents...

        Important Information booklet (Junior ISA)

        Important Information booklet (Ethical Junior ISA)

        Key Investor Information document (Ethical Junior ISA only)


        As OneFamily does not provide advice, please read all the product info and remember your child's capital is at risk.

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