Confirming your identity - proving your address

To keep your account secure we sometimes ask for proof of your identity. If you’ve been asked to send us some documents, here’s what you need to do.

What do we need from you?

Before we can send you your money, we need to see something that confirms your address.

We recommend not sending original documents because we can't guarantee their safety while they're on their way to us. But, we're happy to accept photocopies, as long as they're certified, see below on how to certify them.

Documents we can accept

So that we can confirm your identity, we need to see one document from list A or two documents from list B.

Note: all documents need to show your name and current address

Note: any bills or letters must be dated in the last 6 months


Provisional Driving licence Full Driving licence
Utility bill Bank/saving account statement
HMRC letter DWP letter
Mobile phone bill Motor insurance
Confirmation from work, school, university on headed paper confirming name, address and details of employment/ student/ residential status
Jobcentre plus letter
Hospital/ doctors letter
Tenancy agreement
UCAS letter

Make sure you read the instructions below carefully to avoid delays in getting your money!

How to certify a document

Whoever certifies your documents must write:

  • "I confirm that this is a true photocopy of the original document"
  • their name
  • their address and their telephone number
  • their signature and the date

This must be written on either the front or back of every page of the copied document and should be in original ink. See the following example:


Who can certify a document?

The documents need to be certified by:

Someone who you feel is responsible

Someone who is over the age of 18

Someone who isn't a member of your family

Documents not in English?

We're happy to accept documents that aren't in English, but we will need to see a translation. And, photocopies of translations must be certified by the translator.

What’s our address?

Once you've certified your documents, find an envelope and a stamp and send it to us at:

CTF Maturity Team
16-17 West Street

Avoiding delays

If a document isn't certified correctly, we'll have to send it back to be certified again. We realise this could be frustrating, so please get in touch with us if you're having trouble getting a suitable document certified.

What happens next?

We'll let you know as soon as we've received all the documents we need and have updated our records. We'll keep any photocopies that we receive unless you ask us to return them.