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Over the years, through joining forces with other companies, OneFamily has taken over the running of contracts that were originally arranged with another company. Some of those contracts were pension products.

Information on your existing pension fund and fund switching

You can find out which fund you're invested in by checking the last statement we sent you (feel free to call us if you can’t locate that). Once you know which fund your pension is invested in, you can find out about your fund's risk profile and how it's invested on our website.

What you are looking for is called a Fund Factsheet and will be one of the 5 “EdenTree” factsheets that can be found at the bottom of the fund factsheet page.

If you feel that your current fund is no longer right for you it is possible to switch to one of the other EdenTree funds without cost. Please get in touch if you want to explore your options further.

Note that not all schemes offer all the options, but you can transfer your pension savings to a provider that does provide the benefits you are looking for if you wish. OneFamily does not charge you to transfer your pension to another provider.

Transferring your pension

If you want to change the way your money is invested to a type of fund OneFamily doesn’t provide, access a benefit option we don't have or simply pull all your pensions into a single place, it is possible to do that by transferring your pension pot. This can be done without cost to you.

You need to choose a company to move to and then complete their transfer request form. That company will then get in touch with us and between us we will arrange the transfer. You will then receive a confirmation from your new provider when the process is complete.

We strongly encourage you to take the time to have a free consultation with the Government’s Pensionwise service, who will help you think through your options and arrive at a plan.

For more information on Pensionwise and how to book an appointment, please visit the official Pensionwise page.


Additional information

Planning for your pension

To help you understand a bit more about what options you have and what you should be thinking about, we have created some example situations to show how different people and goals need different approaches.

These examples are not based on actual customers and should not be taken as advice or the most appropriate course of action in similar situations.

They are intended to simply show the importance of being aware of the all pension provisions you've built up through different pension providers and employers over the years, and making a plan around what you think you'll need and when. It may mean that you need to make some changes.

Governance Advisory Arrangement

Information on the Governance Advisory Arrangement, including the latest Annual Report.

OneFamily's Legacy products

Can't find your product? It may be that we are looking after a product or account that you originally arranged through a different company.

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