Who are OneFamily

You might not have heard of OneFamily until just now… but we’ve actually been a part of your life and family for a long time

A touching love story…

Many years ago your family entrusted us to look after money they lovingly invested for you, so you’d have access to a nice pot of money when you turn 18. And if you’re reading this, that means you’ll soon to be reaching that milestone where you can take charge of your account and handle your money, such as transferring it to an ISA to continue saving. Happy days!

But as far as you’re concerned you may be like ‘who’s this OneFamily lot?’ as up until now we haven’t been able to communicate with you. However, now you’re soon to be 18 we’re ready to play a more active role in the next stages of your life journey. In fact, that’s just what we’re here for! So, we just wanted to tell you a bit more about us and how we can support you.

A bit about us

We’re located down in Brighton next to the beach. We’ve been around for 40 years and we're owned by our 2.6 million customers and look after over £7 billion of their money. As a business owned by our customers, our profits go back into our business, products and communities, not shareholders. Since 2015, our Foundation has provided over £4 million to support our customers and their communities, including:

Community Grants

We've supported over 350 fantastic community groups.

Young person's Education Grants

Our Young Person's Education Grants have helped over 300 people to meet the costs of their education or training.

As you can see we’re a people focused business so why not check out our new CEO Teddy Nyahasha, who helps lead from the front make all this happen. He’s really passionate about our foundation, inclusion and diversity within the business and supporting young people on their financial journey.

We’re here to help your money work for you

At OneFamily we’re passionate about ensuring people see money as a positive in their life.

To us financial health is all about achieving a good balance between spending and saving. Much like some days you’ll study hard, exercise and eat salads and on other days you’ll want to chill, watch a boxset and eat pizza – we think achieving a balanced approach to money is very similar. Money is certainly not the be all and end all (yes, you did just read that from a financial organisation, we like to think we’re very different.

Money can be a real force for good in your life and help you achieve and do the things you want. But if you don’t get a grip on it, it can soon have a grip over you!

So what could your money do for you?

Think about where you would like to be in 1, 5 and 10 year’s time? How might this pot of money help you get there? Could some or all of it be used right now towards something worthwhile, like your education or a new car? Or should you keep some or all of it saved away – perhaps towards an amazing life experience or a deposit for your first flat? Or even keep it invested for that unknown future?  That’s up to you, but whatever you decide we’re here to help.

If you would like to keep some or all of your money invested, we have a range of great products.

That’s enough for now…

We hope you know a bit more about us. It’s been an honour and a privilege to have been part of your financial life to date, we hope you’re delighted with your gift of a CTF, and we’d love to be there with you for the journey ahead too.