Success stories: AM Soccer Club

Where: Scotland

What: Community Project

Community football cub, AM Soccer, received funding through our Foundation to invest in its walking football sessions.

The programme is aimed at keeping older people in the community physically and socially active by running weekly classes free of charge.

The charity only launched walking football a year ago however it’s been inundated with calls from men and women of all ages who want to get involved. Receiving a Community Grant means AMS can cater to the additional demand by covering the cost of additional coaches, facilities and equipment.

“Walking football is a powerful vehicle for breaking down barriers and bringing people of all ages together through sport. It’s a fun and inclusive option for keeping fit and meeting new people".


“Thanks to the funding from OneFamily, we can offer free sessions to many people who may otherwise have not been able to afford to take part. We hope these sessions will boost a sense of closeness within our community and help tackle issues like social isolation and inclusivity.”

Andrew Jenkin, general manager at AM Soccer Club

If you know of a community group that provides an outlet for people in your local area then why not see how you could help them through the OneFamily Foundation?