Tyson Svoboda

A man in a tracksuit plays with a little boy who is holding a light toy

Tyson Svoboda from Southampton was recently awarded a Personal Grant to help transform the lives of his two sons, Tyler and Joshua.

Tyler and Joshua, aged five and three, both suffer from autism and learning difficulties. Often the boys struggle to communicate which can lead to them getting frustrated and sometimes aggressive.

“It has already made such a difference to all of our lives, helping us get the boys into a routine and prepare for day-to-day tasks such as meals, bath times and bed.”

Tyler was diagnosed with autism at the age of two and Joshua was diagnosed last August.  Their father Tyson, a OneFamily customer, decided to apply for a Personal Grant so he could purchase specialist sensory equipment and communication aids such as PECS cards and Makaton books to help the boys’ development.

“We can’t thank OneFamily enough. It’s genuinely been a life-changer”.

Up until Tyler started school his communication skills were limited, but since starting last year he has made real progress. Tyson hopes the new equipment will enable both of his boys to continue to improve and keep them stimulated as much as possible when they are at home.