Rebecca Stott

A woman stands in front of her house, with a green car in the driveway behind her.

Rebecca Stott from Cumbria suffers with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome – a condition that causes her joints to dislocate. Due to extreme fatigue, Rebecca finds everyday tasks a real challenge and she is unable to interact with her children in the way she’d like to.

This lack of independence left Rebecca feeling incredibly isolated and it has made life difficult for her young family who cannot do many of the everyday things other families take for granted – from going to the park with the children to simply collecting them from school. With the help of a Personal Grant from the Foundation, Rebecca has been able to purchase a mobility scooter, helping her to regain her independence.

The mobility scooter will give Rebecca back her freedom and mean she can take her children for days out, as well as enabling her to keep up with them. It will also mean that the family can travel further afield and Rebecca’s husband will be able to interact with the children too, if he is no longer needed to push her in her chair.

Rebecca said: “I struggle to walk very far, and need to use crutches at all times or a manual wheelchair when outdoors. I find it hard to propel myself from my chair and rely on my husband, and others, to help me.

“The mobility scooter will give me so much more than my freedom. It will mean I can really get to know my children because I can spend more quality time with them and keep up with them entirely.”

Rebecca continued: “ [My children] are incredibly excited too. They can’t wait to get out and about with their mum – and I can’t wait to spend time with them too!”

Rebecca’s son, Edison, 6 said: “We can’t wait for when [our mum] can play with us more when we’re out. It’s going to be fun!”