Personal Grant winner

Madeline Morris

Madeline from Birmingham was awarded a £500 Personal Grant so she could revamp her garden into a safe and sociable space.

Having suffered from severe arthritis for many years, Madeline’s mobility has suffered as a result. She recently moved into a bungalow to be more independent and avoid having to negotiate stairs on a daily basis.

Despite this, the garden in her new home was a danger hazard with uneven surfacing which made her worry about falling over and hurting herself if she were to be on her own.

After growing frustrated with not being able to utilise her garden, Madeline applied for a Personal Grant to help her make the improvements.

“Pottering outside is one of my favourite things to do. I am so grateful to OneFamily for giving me the opportunity to rejuvenate a space I enjoy being in so much. It’s given me a new lease of life.”

Madeline Morris, OneFamily customer

When Madeline found out she had been successful in winning a grant she was thrilled as it means she can resurface the garden and buy new tables and chairs that will enable her to socialise with friends outside as the weather starts to improve.

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