Lynne McKeag

A lady sits on a sofa hugging her teenage son.

Lynne McKeag from Polbeth, Scotland, is a full time carer for her 19 year old son, David. David was diagnosed with ADHD and autism when he was a young boy which impacts on his behaviour, putting a strain on them both, leading to feelings of frustration and isolation.

Lynne said: “Through the years we’ve had to deal with people staring at David perceiving his behaviour as naughty. It’s been a full time job for my husband and me, and although it’s worth every second, it has also been extremely challenging. Your identity is taken away from you entirely – I’m no longer Lynne McKeag, I’m ‘David’s mum’.”
As there is little funding available for young adults between 16 and 20, Lynne applied for a Personal Grant to enjoy a few days’ break.

“This is something most families might take for granted but for us, it really is something special. We’re going to the Lake District, a place which gives David the space he needs to relax. The Personal Grant is so vital for us – we’re incredibly grateful.”