Linda King

Close up of a little girl sitting on the lap of a person in a mobility scooter

Linda, from Carlisle, has suffered chronic back problems for the last 15 years and has relied heavily on her daughter to complete everyday tasks, including leaving the house. Now, with a Personal Grant, Linda has been able to buy a mobility scooter and as a result, has gained a new lease of life.

Linda said: “The scooter has made my life so much easier. I can get out and about, go into town, visit my daughter – it’s given me my independence back.”

“You don’t realise how valuable your freedom is until you lose it. I live on my own and would often feel extremely isolated and frustrated not being able to do the things I wanted to. It was impacting on my happiness and mental health. This is why I’m so grateful to have received the Personal Grant from OneFamily Foundation; it really has transformed my life.”