Derek Bragger, Birmingham

Posted in: Foundation

OneFamily customer, Derek Bragger applied for a Personal Grant for a motor-powered wheelchair for his wife, Kim.

Four years ago, Kim was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a serious condition affecting her spine which has caused her constant pain and affected her mobility. Derek also suffers from arthritis and has difficulty walking around, which can make pushing Kim in her wheelchair extremely challenging at times.

The couple have to rely on help from friends and family when they want to get out of the house which is frustrating for them both.

“The uneven paths around our neighbourhood made it even harder for us to get out and enjoy spending time with our grandchildren. The motorised wheelchair has solved that problem and we are looking forward to making more special memories with our family.”

Derek decided to apply for a Personal Grant to contribute towards buying a motor-powered wheelchair for Kim. The new chair enables the couple to be more mobile, giving Kim a greater sense of independence again. The couple hope that the new wheelchair will enable them to spend more time with their families and go on many more adventures together.

“The OneFamily Foundation has been a God-send for us; I don’t know what we would have done without it.”