Personal Grant winner

Jasmine Stagg

Para-swimmer Jasmine is able to fulfil her dreams of becoming a swimming teacher after her mother won a Personal Grant from the OneFamily Foundation.

From an early age, 19 year old Jasmine discovered her passion for swimming and spends up to 5 hours a week training competitively. Now she’s looking to take her hobby to the next level and gain a qualification that will allow her to teach children to swim.

As a learning disabled young person, Jasmine has struggled to find a part time job suitable for her disability which is why her mother Elizabeth applied for a Personal Grant on her behalf. The money will allow Jasmine to undertake her ASA Level 1 Assistant Swim Teacher Qualification and enable her to apply for paid work, doing something she loves.

“I’m so proud of Jasmine and everything she’s achieved; the course is really going to help build her confidence.  I never thought I would be given the opportunity to benefit from something as wonderful as the OneFamily Foundation!”

Elizabeth Stagg, Jasmine’s mother

Despite the setbacks and adversity she faced growing up, Jasmine worked hard to become a classified Para-swimmer and is set to compete in the 2017 National Special Olympics in Sheffield!

A women and a young girl stand holding a certificate. The girl wears several medals.