Personal Grant winner

Hannah Alderson

Hannah Alderson won a Personal Grant through the OneFamily Foundation so she could buy her son a mobility aid.

Hannah’s three year old son Arthur was born with spina bifida, a spinal cord defect. Arthur’s disability makes it difficult for him to walk unaided so relies on a walking frame to allow him to move freely and independently.

The new walking frame will be kept at Arthur’s pre-school to help ease the pressure of transporting the equipment back and forth every day. At the moment, Arthur makes do with a baby walker but he’s quickly grown out of it and needs something to stabilise him whilst he’s not at home.

“Having a second walking frame means Arthur can walk independently wherever he wants to go, and is able to enjoy his time at school. It’s made such a practical and positive impact on our whole family."

Hannah, Arthur’s mother

Arthur can now enjoy going to school and socialising with other children his age and his family can relax knowing that he has the best and safest equipment to help with his condition.