Charlotte Blagden

In a kitchen, two children and a woman stand with a man in a wheelchair

After two years of living apart, Andy Blagden can finally return to his family home after his wife Charlotte won a Personal Grant from OneFamily.

Andy, who has three children, was left paralysed from the neck down after undergoing a 16-hour surgery to remove a tumour from his spine in August 2014. The repercussions from surgery have meant Andy needs around the clock care.

Since the surgery, Andy’s family have received ongoing support and donations from family and friends to make adaptations at home for Andy’s arrival. His wife Charlotte applied for a Personal Grant to make the finishing touches to the family home that would enable them all to be reunited after a challenging two year separation.

“We’re so grateful to the OneFamily Foundation for giving us the grant. The new facilities mean Andy can now cook his own meals and most importantly get back to having a normal family life.”

Charlotte Blagden, OneFamily customer

The money from the grant has allowed the family to install a kitchen specially adapted to Andy’s wheelchair needs. An eye-level built-in oven, an induction hob and specialist pans have all played a vital role in helping Andy regain his independence now he has returned home after spending over two years in hospital.