Social media tips and tricks to promote your project

Promoting your project on social media is a great way to raise your profile and in turn can help to garner more votes. If social media is completely alien to you, take a look at our Facebook and Twitter guides which explain how to set up from scratch.


Twitter is a great tool for spreading the word about your project, namely because it helps to trigger immediate reactions, which is ideal when you want to reach a lot of people quickly. Most people use their phones to stay up-to-date with Twitter, so make sure you download the app on your smartphone or iPad to keep on top of tweets and messages.

  • Search for people who might take an interest in your project, for example, if the aim of your project is to refurbish an old swimming pool, search for swimming related hashtags to find relevant groups and users to follow.
  • Stand back and watch. Do a bit of research into what other people are doing, look at other swimming groups and see how they communicate with their audience. Be sure to jot down a few notes.
  • Build trust. Get involved in your followers conversations early on to establish relationships and earn their trust.
  • Build your reputation. Make sure you retweet people who mention you and reply to any tweets that come through. Craft your tweets carefully; you’ve only got 140 characters to use, so make sure your passion shines through every word.
  • Start talking. Once you’ve built up your reputation and studied what others are interested in, it’s time to start telling people about your project
  • Mention other people when you tweet so that they’re constantly kept in the loop with what you’re doing. This could be something along the lines of “thanks for supporting us @swimminghut, we really appreciate it.”
  • Don’t forget to add the voting url and your project page link.
  • Make sure you mention us in your tweets so that we can retweet your good news to our follower base. Our twitter handle (username) is @onefamilysocial.


With the ability to post statuses of up to 63,206 characters, Facebook is a great platform for sharing detailed updates on your project. It’s also the perfect place to share all of the fun stuff that gets your project noticed.

  • Craft compelling wording explaining what you’re doing and how people can help.
  • Invite friends, family and related groups to like your page.
  • Post interesting content, for example you could post a video showcasing your project and explaining how you would use the funding if you were successful.
  • Create a visual image or banner to promote what you’re doing – these are often known as ‘memes’. Have a read of our guide to find out how to create one.
  • Post regular updates to keep everyone informed of your progress. Let people know how long is left to vote, how many votes you’ve received so far etc.
  • Make sure you add a link to your project page and your project’s website so that people know where to go for more information.


Thunderclap can really help to put your project in the spotlight during the voting period. It works by rallying lots of people together to mass-share a message on social media. Just like a microphone, it amplifies a message so that it rises above the noise and gets heard. You simply create the message you want to spread and then set up a goal for how many people you want to share it. It’s then your job to get as many supporters as you can to donate a tweet or update on your behalf. If you reach your goal, floods of posts will be shared all at the same time on social network sites, creating a wave of attention for your project. For small organisations, this is a free service, you can find out more by visiting the Thunderclap website.