Boost your votes by organising a voting party

Throwing a voting party is a great way to boost your votes. Getting everyone together in one room can really help to ramp up enthusiasm for your project. It also means you can be on hand to help anyone who needs help navigating through the voting process.

What you’ll need:

  • A suitable venue, perhaps your project’s premises, your local community centre or village hall?
  • Laptops, iPad/smartphones
  • Voting instructions
  • Plenty of people!
  • Drinks or a few snacks

How to set it up…

Choose a date and a location

Make sure you choose a date when a lot of people will be free. If you’re using your project premises, choose a time or date when you know you’ll have most of your members on site – such as a big event or meeting.

You could hold an activity as part of the occasion to entice people to come along, so for example a fundraising event such as a game of bingo or a kids football tournament. Make sure that it lasts a few hours so that people can drop in and out as they please.

Spread the word

Set up an event on Facebook to let everyone know what you’re doing and encourage people to invite their friends. Likewise, you could create a few flyers or posters to promote the occasion.

Plan ahead

If you’re running low on equipment, put the feelers out and ask people if they wouldn’t mind bringing along their own laptops, iPads or smartphones. To make the voting process as easy as possible, print out some instructions for each attendee. We’ve put together a step-by-step voting guide which might come in handy.

Throw your party

This is the fun bit, you can finally put all of your hard work into action – don’t forget the nibbles!