How to create your own memes

First things first, what is a Meme? Meme is basically a fancy phrase for an image, video, quote, story or idea that’s shared from one person to another via the internet. You’ll often see memes circling the webosphere in the form of images with quirky quotes laid on top of them. Memes are taking over social media and are a great way to build hype around your project.

Step 1  Research, research, research

  • Have a quick gander on Google and look at existing memes – what’s so special about the ones that made you stop and look?
  • Keep an eye on recent trends - has anything happened in the news recently that’s relevant to your project and worth tying into your meme?
  • Decide on a format - images are the most popular medium but you might decide that a video is more appropriate.

Step 2  Collect everything you need to get the job done

  • Do you need to do some screen grabbing? Perhaps you need to take a photo of someone from your project? Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have it ready and to hand.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Our attention spans are short, especially when surfing the web, so you’ll need to be able to grab people’s attention in a matter of seconds. Conjure up a quirky catchphrase that will make people remember you. For example, Cambridge Breastfeeding Alliance (a previous Community Award winner) used the slogan “Breastfeeding isn’t just about women…we need men to vote to”. Here’s a snapshot of it:

Step 3  Make sure you have the right tools for the job

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional designer to be able to put a meme together, there are tons of free tools that will do the job for you. ImgurQuickmeme and Meme Dad are some of the well-known ones but one of our personal favourites is Canva.

Step 4  Create it!

Now you’ve got all of the resources you need, it’s time to start creating your memo-masterpiece. Once you’re happy with your creation, share it with the world on social media. If you need help promoting it on social networks, take a look at our social media tips and tricks article.