Give your votes a boost

If you need some new ideas to keep those votes rolling in, our previous award winners have shared some of the techniques they used in the last round to lead them to victory. Give them a try this week, and multiply those votes before it’s too late!

Synchronised voting

If your project has a committee or member meeting, why not put voting on the agenda and ask everyone to do so at the same time? Members could use smartphones if they have them, or if there are communal facilities, you could all take turns. The club doesn't even have to be related to your project - you could get your book club or yoga group involved!

Supermarket sweep

To really raise awareness in your community, why not organise an afternoon in a local supermarket, helping people pack bags or handing out flyers and encouraging them to vote? You could even persuade your local supermarket to let you set up a laptop by the check outs to show people how to vote and encourage them to register there and then!

Play the waiting game

Think of places where people may have time waiting so that you can approach them and possibly ask them to vote for you! This could be in the post office, at the bus stop, whilst your children are taking part in an after school activity or on the school run. If you have a tablet take it with you to allow people to vote on the spot, even better!

Online communities

Are you a member of any online communities you could convince to vote? Send an e- mail to all of the people on your contact list, and encourage them to do the same. It’s amazing how far this could reach! Perhaps you've got an avid Twitter following, are active on a forum, or have a great blog. Any of these places - or anywhere else you've got a presence online - would be a great place to post information about your project and instructions on how to vote for it. Remember to use social media to the max, and if you aren’t very social media savvy, then recruit a local champion who is! They could help give your project a boost to those outside your usual network.

Appeal to the masses

Try sending letters, emails and posters to local groups or organisations that you know have a wide audience they can reach out to. Schools, playgroups, sports clubs, universities and local businesses are all teeming with potential voters. If you want to go that extra mile, see if you can arrange a visit in person to talk to their staff and students to help them understand the importance of your project.

Network, network, network!

Think about your unique selling point. For example, if your project is sport related, network with similar groups where you can gain support, or at events where you can approach lots of people who share your passion. If there is wi-fi available, then use your tablet or phone to get people to register and vote there and then.