Creating a Facebook page

Facebook is a great way to connect with people who might be interested in supporting your project. This guide will show you how to set up a personal profile (if you don’t already have one), how to create a specific page to promote your project, and how to use Facebook tools to build up awareness of your project online.

Creating a personal profile

If you don’t have a Facebook profile, you will have to make one before you can create a page for your project. Facebook makes it really easy to do this – just fill in the form on the homepage and then click “Sign Up”:

  • Facebook will then prompt you to add friends from your email address book. If you don’t want to do this straight away, click on “Skip this step”.
  • You’ll be asked to add information about your work and education, and then you can add a profile picture. Again, if you want to leave this until a later date, click “Skip”.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Facebook; to finish creating your account, click on “Confirm Your Account” in this email.

Creating a page for your project

To create a page for your project, go to your Facebook homepage and click the gear symbol in the top right-hand corner – then select “Create Page”:

  • Choose what kind of page you want to create – we recommend “Local business or place” or “Cause or community”, depending on the nature of your project.
  • Fill in your project details – you’ll need a description of your project, links to any additional websites (you can link to your project page on the OneFamily website if you’d like) and a picture.
  • Once you have filled in all the information, you’ll be taken to your page – this will show you any notifications or messages at the top on the right, and you’ll be able to see what your Page looks like. From here, you can post status updates, add photos, change the look of your page, and promote your page.
  • The easiest way to make a change to your page is to select "About" and click the fields to edit. If you've already filled a field in, you can hover to the right and click the little pen icon to edit.

From here you can give your page a custom URL (e.g. using the “Facebook Web Address” section, or click on “Admin Roles” to give other people on Facebook who are involved in the project the ability to add content and update the page.

Using Facebook to promote your project

If you already have friends on your personal Facebook page, the quickest way to promote your project is to invite them to “Like” your page. Doing this should help you to get a fan-base together fairly quickly, and you can send out status updates on behalf of the project to encourage them to vote for you. Post statuses on subjects such as time left for voting, updates on progress, and so on. People who are interested in your project may share these updates with their own Facebook friends, which will increase the number of people who are aware of your project and can help to build up votes quite substantially!

Another great way of promoting your project is to search Facebook for people, companies or projects that are similar to your own project or that share its aim, and interact with them so that they become aware of the project.

For example, if your project was to refurbish your local scout hut, you could find the Facebook Page for UK Scouts and “Like” it as your Page:

  • You can then write on their wall or mention them in your own status updates so that they and their Facebook followers could see what your project is trying to achieve.
  • Mentioning another page in one of your updates is as simple as typing the first few letters of the page name – Facebook will suggest it automatically:
  • Select this and the page name will come up highlighted in blue – you can then continue writing your status. When it’s posted, the page you’ve mentioned will get a notification to say you’ve written about them.