Blogging on your project page

Posting updates on your project page is a fantastic way to get people really involved in the project’s story, which in turn will make them more likely to vote for you.

We have included an area for you to post project updates – you can access this easily by scrolling to the bottom of your project page and filling in the relevant fields. Alternatively, if your project has its own website with a blog area, you can post updates there – just make sure you direct people to your project page within the post, so that they can easily vote for you.

What to blog about?

Ultimately, what you choose to update people on will depend on the nature of your project and whether it is actively running during the voting period or if it is entirely dependent on receiving funding. However, here are some ideas for subjects to keep people interested in what you’re trying to do.

  • Real stories: if your project has helped people already, why not write a case study on one of them?
  • Has your bid for funding been covered in the local press or in a relevant online publication? Share this success!
  • Updates: Have you hosted an event recently or participated in an activity with your group? Do you have any information on the location of your project or approximate costings from suppliers? This is all information that can really help bring your project to live for potential voters.
  • If you’re still stuck on what to blog about, it could be useful to look at the blogs of big charities (or even smaller ones that are in a similar area to your project). Another good way to come up with topics is to look at the other project pages on the Foundation site and see what others are posting about.