Wythall Community Choir wins £5,000 to create musical library

Members of Wythall Community Choir stand around a piano with their songbooks
The choir group in Worcestershire was founded in 2012 and is led by musical director Alex Norman. It has almost 80 members, from teenagers to octogenarians, and regularly performs free concerts in the local area for care homes, societies and children’s groups.

John Smith, a OneFamily customer and member of the choir nominated the group for a Community Award so they could buy a range of song books to allow the choir to thrive.

“Acquiring a library of musical scores will enable us to broaden our repertoire even further. It will keep the choir exciting for our members, and we’ll be able to share the library with other local choirs which is great.”

John Smith, Wythall Community Choir member

Singing has been known to improve physical and mental wellbeing, so it’s no wonder the group wants to expand their musical library and encourage more people to benefit from its services.