Wakefield Hospice wins £5,000 to create a garden for patients and visitors

Nurses stand in the grounds of their hospice

Wakefield Hospice was founded in 1990 and provides care for 300 inpatients and 3,000 day patients every year. They provide a service for people with specialist palliative needs and the families who look after them.

The West Yorkshire based hospice won a Community Award to create a new garden for visitors and patients to make use of. The money will be spent on to creating a new space outside its family room, enabling patients and families to spend quality time together in a private area.

The space will be designed by a team of landscapers, experienced in meeting the requirements for a space that is accessible and appropriate for the hospice’s needs. Additional plants and greenery will be purchased for ambiance and garden games and outdoor play equipment for social interaction.

Emily Murphy, a OneFamily customer and fundraising coordinator nominated the hospice for the £5,000 Community Award.

“Currently around a quarter of our funding is provided by the Care Commissioning Group, however, we have to work hard to raise the money we need for additional projects.”

Tina Turner, CEO at Wakefield Hospice

Winning the Community Award means will enable the team at Wakefield Hospice to create a beautiful garden for its patients and their families to enjoy at a time of significant psychological distress.