The New School wins £5,000 to invest in outdoor equipment

Teachers and pupils stand in front of an old school building

Perthsire-based special education school, The New School, won a £5,000 Community Award to invest in a range of specialist play and learning equipment.

The school is a residential therapeutic learning community which offers secondary education to young people diagnosed with autism or children dealing with complex emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Funding will be used to buy camping equipment needed for expeditions and to renovate the school’s horticultural area to help students understand the importance of nature.

Bursar at the school and OneFamily customer, Morna Bell, nominated the project for a Community Award.

“We are overwhelmed with the number of people who voted for us, and are truly grateful for the support from our local community. The funding will have a huge impact on our pupils, allowing our students to develop key life skills and understand the benefit of the outdoors.”

Morna Bell, bursar at The New School

Outdoor learning is becoming more and more encouraged as schools are starting to see the benefits it gives to its pupils. In order to create these types of opportunities within schools, it’s important to have the right types of equipment, which is why The New School felt they would benefit from a Community Award from OneFamily.