To give valuable independence for disabled children at St Mary’s, Glos

Pupils of St Mary's Primary give the thumbs up to camera

Colette Jackson tells us how her Community Award will make St Mary’s Primary School more accessible for pupils and the wider community.

Going to the toilet is such a basic part of everyday life, but for children with additional needs it isn’t always that easy.

Both my children attend St Mary’s and I’m a member of the PTA. When I found out about the Community Awards, I felt St Mary’s would be the perfect cause to put forward.

“St Mary’s caters for a variety of learning needs and we want to enable all children in the school to be as independent as possible.”

We want to enable all children in the school to be as independent as possible but as the school’s disabled toilets are currently situated quite a way from the classroom, it makes them difficult to access and means that pupils need to be escorted.

Thanks to the Foundation Community Award, we now have the funds to be able to convert a room that is closer to the classroom in to a children’s disabled toilet facility – it will have a child’s height disabled toilet, a changing bed suitable for those who can’t lie on the floor and storage so that equipment can be kept to hand.

“The Foundation Community Award will not only make a massive difference to the school, but also to the local community.”

The award will make a massive difference to the school. It will mean that pupils can visit the toilet independently making it something they no longer have to worry about. The alterations will also improve access for wheelchair users and mean more of the local community can use the school’s facilities, including its hall and field.

Jane Cowell is our special educational needs governor at St Mary’s. Jane said: “We’re so grateful to the Foundation for this award. Our school is all about learning and love and sometimes, the basics make that a bit tricky! We want all of our pupils to be able to have the support they physically and emotionally need. We want to foster their independence and we’re sure the alterations will have a positive impact on the pupils. We can’t wait to get started and see the results!”