Riverside Primary School wins £25,000 to save school pool

Four women and two children smile to the camera. One woman holds a 'Riverside Primary School' cake and the other holds a Community Award winner plaque

The pupils, teachers and parents of Riverside Primary School are jumping for joy at the news of winning the OneFamily Foundation Community Award of £25,000! They’ll be spending the award on repairing their beloved school pool that was built over 40 years ago by the Hullbridge community and parents at the school.

Over the years, the pool has fallen into disrepair due to lack of funds and is in serious need of gas pipes being replaced, broken tiles to be fixed, an all-weather pool cover to protect it in the winter months and suitable changing facilities. With the additional funding, Riverside Primary School can provide access to swimming lessons for all of its pupils.

OneFamily customer and teacher at the school, Donna Thresher is also the daughter of the original group of parents who helped build the pool all those years ago. Donna put forward the idea as a project to contend in the School’s category of the Community Awards and couldn’t be happier with their result.

“Our village community came together over 40 years ago to fund and build this pool so it’s fantastic to be able to have helped secure its use for the next generation and give them the opportunity to learn to swim!”
Donna Thresher, OneFamily Customer

There are over 290 pupils at the school and almost 200 people in the community, including the elderly, Scout and Brownie groups who will benefit from the pool’s redevelopment. The funding will help build suitable facilities that enable the whole community to benefit from the project.

“It’s very exciting that the work can now start. We want to say a huge thank you to both OneFamily for their generosity and the public for voting for our project!”
Andy Douglas, Head Teacher at Riverside Primary School

The pool has been a health and safety hazard for over a year and without the funding from the OneFamily Foundation it would continue to be a wasted facility.

We look forward to seeing the new swimming pool once it’s up and running and back in action!