Clackmannanshire Youth group can learn design skills thanks to new computer equipment

Ladies enjoy a cup of tea

Nicola Glennie helps not-for-profit community enterprise, Resonate, to replace their sole, outdated office computer.

I have been involved with Resonate since it was established three and a half years ago. It is run solely by volunteers and provides arts, crafts, health and wellbeing activities and social events in the community.

Resonate started off as a small group of people wanting to make a difference in the community and get some action going. When we started, we literally had nothing. Everything we have has been donated – the tables, the chairs, the curtains and of course, the old computer. In fact, the computer was technically third hand by the time it came to us!

“When Resonate started, we literally started with nothing. Everything we have has been donated”

Although the computer has managed to keep chugging along, it takes 19 minutes in the morning to warm up and we realised that if we wanted to be as active as our young team wanted us to be, we had to have something better than that.

I found out about the Foundation after reading a leaflet that came through with my annual statement from Engage Mutual. I thought of the computer equipment at Resonate straight away!

The process to apply for a Community Award was easy. I just filled in the online application form and then it was a case of waiting with fingers crossed until the voting period arrived…and that’s where the hard work started!

Winning the award is absolutely fantastic. It really has been transformational for our organisation. Our youth group can’t wait to get trained on the new systems and develop industry skills which could translate in to a future career. Many also want to use their personal talents to start their own businesses and the Community Award will help them tremendously in doing so.

“Winning the Community Award is transformational for our organisation”

We are such a diverse group from all backgrounds, including the older generation, of whom many are still computer illiterate. The award money will help them gain basic computer skills, something desperately needed for their personal development.

The whole community really got behind us and we’re completely overwhelmed by the support we’ve received – even the Scottish Government voted for us! As we’re self-funded, the awareness raised throughout the process has meant we’ve really been able to spread the word locally and we’ve had many more join our community enterprise as a result.

As an Engage Mutual customer, it’s really good to hear that they are giving back to their customers, especially to something I am really passionate about.

“I would definitely recommend applying to Engage. It was an easy process and you can apply for all sorts of things”

To any other organisation, community project or social enterprise out there who has the opportunity to get involved with the Engage Foundation, I would say get stuck in. It’s absolutely fantastic.