Plymstock Cricket Club wins £5,000 to buy mobile practice net

Cricket club members stand in front of their clubhouse

Plymstock Cricket Club was awarded a £5,000 Community Award to modernise its training facilities.

The cricket club, which was been running for more than 100 years, can now invest in improved training facilities and equipment to help develop its players skills in batting, bowling and wicket-keeping.

The project aims to provide a safe training environment for all of its junior and senior sides, and attract more children and adults to become club members.

As well as improving its current facilities, the club will also be using the Community Award to fund a mobile practice net. This will ensure the club can store their facilities in a safe and secure environment since they currently use a public space for training, which is owned by the local council. Purchasing a mobile net means it can be easily stored and rolled out during training and matches.

OneFamily customer and under 9’s cricket coach, Paul Birleson, nominated the cricket club for a Community Award.

“We have over 140 members who will be overjoyed at hearing the news we won the award. Our club is run by volunteers, who truly care, and who will be able to benefit from our new equipment.”

Malcolm Orchard, chairman and coach at Plymstock Cricket Club

The members of Plymstock Cricket Club are hoping to showcase their new, modern facilities and show the local community they are continuing to improve and invest in their club and players for years to come.