Party Animal Encounters uses Community Award to invest in animal therapy

A man and woman post with a raccoon and a fox

Party Animal Encounters is an animal therapy service for children and adults with physical disabilities, mental health problems or dementia.

The project won a £5,000 Community Award to invest in a new premises, sensory equipment and animal enclosures. Previously, the team would bring the animals to different places which meant they were limited to only being able to work one on one with patients. Since winning the award, Party Animals will be able to work with more families and increase the number of services they can offer.

Setting up the new therapy centre will enable the group to offer both adults and children the opportunity to spend time with animals including dogs, rabbits, raccoons, foxes and meerkats. Research has shown that animals can help to reducing stress levels and improving communication skills, especially for people living with disabilities.

The organisation was nominated for a Community Award by OneFamily customer Lynne McKeag, whose family friend has already benefited from Party Animal Encounters.

“We’re ecstatic that we’ve won and that we’ll now be able to provide more services for our visitors. Not only that, we can ensure our beloved animals have new enclosures where they are comfortable and feel at home.”

Sean Carr, owner of Party Animal Encounters

The project will encourage more families in the West Lothian area to benefit from animal and sensory therapies that have a positive impact on autism, dementia and other mental health conditions.