Motion Control Dance charity have been granted £5k in the OneFamily Foundation community awards!

Dance school members strike a pose

Motion, Control, Dance (MCD) was set up by OneFamily customer Emma Mallam, who is a dance teacher working with young people and adults with disabilities, mental health issues, obesity problems, the older generation, ethnic groups as well as socially deprived members of the community. All are helped to advance their education through the medium of dance.

The £5,000 OneFamily Foundation award will be used to set up and run a dedicated youth dance group for those living in the region aged between 16 and 30 years who are passionate about performing. Open to both able and disabled members, the Emma hopes to engage them in physical activity and explore topics that are close to their hearts.

“This money will allow our members to break down barriers and broaden their horizons, as they learn new skills working together to create performances for the benefit of the community.” Emma Mallam.

She plans to employ two professional tutors who have experience in working with both able and disabled young people to create pieces that tackle social issues chosen by the participants.

Everyone benefits, explained Emma. “The dance group will perform at a variety of local community events throughout the coming year. Participants will create dances that tackle issues that are relevant to them, which we hope will help them become inspirational leaders in the region. Their work will in turn provide entertainment and education for audience members, so that ultimately, the whole community will be enriched.”