Wadebridge Primary wins £5,000 to create a new bike track

Club members cheer while sitting on their mountain bikes

Wadebridge Primary School won a £5,000 Community Award to extend its mountain biking track, making it accessible for all pupils to use at the school.

The Cornish primary school has almost 500 students and built the track to help improve their road safety knowledge and practise in a safe environment. Extending the track will support children who are less physically abled, by creating a smooth cycle path free of ramps and speed humps.

The school is also using the funding to buy equipment such as traffic lights, cones and signs to teach children about the importance of road safety and encouraging healthy living in an exciting way. OneFamily customer and teaching assistant, Fiona Charman, nominated Wadebridge Primary for the Community Award.

“The children are ecstatic about winning the award and we’re so grateful to everyone who voted for us. They absolutely love the bike track so it’s great that we’re now able to make it accessible to everyone.”

Fiona Charman, Teaching Assistant

Already, the school has seen a growing number of students cycling to school proving the scheme to be a success and popular with children and their parents who attend Wadebridge Primary School.