Maybole Bowling Club to buy new mower with £5,000 win

Children play bowls

Maybole Memorial Park Bowling Club is one of the few clubs of its kind that is increasing membership by attracting more and more young people to the sport, helping to shake off the common misconception that Bowls is “a pensioner’s sport”.

The project won a £5,000 Community Award to invest in a new state-of-the-art mower, which will ensure that their bowling green is well-maintained and provides the best bowling conditions for all ages and abilities. This will benefit all 85 current club members, as well as helping their younger members to bowl without the grass being too heavy.

Providing a good quality green will allow the club to provide an excellent training facility for their members, as well as enabling them to attract new recruits from their local community.

The organisation was nominated for a Community Award by OneFamily customer Charles Kincaid, who coaches at the club alongside his wife.

“The funding we’ve received from the OneFamily Foundation will help us provide the best facilities to our members and, hopefully, attract more young people to the sport.”

Charles Kincaid, coach at Maybole Memorial Park Bowling Club

The club will be much better equipped to develop and nurture new talent, and will provide the local community with the best possible facilities to fine tune their skills and enjoy the game. If the campaign for Lawn Bowls to be recognised as an Olympic sport is successful, the club may even end up producing a future world champion!