Jump Gymnastics wins £5,000 to set up new gym and invest in more coaches

Jump Gymnastics currently offers classes to children from the age of two-and-a-half years old and is looking to expand its facilities by setting up a new gym in the local town of Airdrie.

The money won from the OneFamily Foundation will be spent on purchasing new equipment such as; floor mats, crash mats, beams and blocks. It will also give young people the opportunity to further their passion for the sport and gain the appropriate qualifications with view to becoming qualified gymnastics coaches.

Debbie Johnston nominated the club for a Community Award and was thrilled when they gained the support they needed to secure a win.

“After the success of the British Olympic Gymnastics Team, we’ve had a staggering amount of interest in the joining the club. It brings children and parents all over the community together, and we know that families appreciate getting to know one another.”

Debbie Johnston, development coach at Jump Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a fantastic way for children to participate in a sport and where they can make new friends. The new facility will enable the club to increase the number of classes it offers to children in the area, and encourage more of the community to socialise with one another whilst being more active.