Harrow Parkinson’s Support Group wins £5,000 funding

London based Parkinson’s support and exercise group is celebrating winning £5,000 through the OneFamily Foundation Community Awards. The group is run on a voluntary and not for profit basis so the additional funding is immensely appreciated!

It is well known that Parkinson’s sufferers have difficulty with movement and can struggle with speech.  It is a progressive disease that currently has no cure and can affect one in every five hundred people in the UK. The support group in Harlow offers exercise classes plus speech and language therapy in order to keep its visitors active and healthy as singing and exercise are proven methods for combatting the symptoms.

Rekha Shah is a customer of OneFamily and has been visiting the classes for seven years. Rekha also battles Parkinson’s so she knows how important the group is, and what a difference it can make to people like her and other sufferers alike.

“The disease can take away your independence as your mobility is severely affected. These classes can help you take some independence back. I’m now able to do basic tasks such as go shopping with my sister, something I was unable to do before.”
Rekha Shah, OneFamily Customer

The funding will go towards the cost of hiring the hall and paying for the specialist therapists that visit the branch to conduct the exercise programmes each month. It also provides the visitors with a sense of encouragement as they can soon see a positive change physically and mentally.

We hope that the funding can really make a difference to those suffering with Parkinson’s disease in the local and provide a support system for their loved ones and Carers.