Grandparents and Parents Play Association win £5k Foundation award

Members of the grandparents and Parents Play Association show a sketch of their project

Halesworth Town Park children’s play area is set to be dramatically improved thanks to the efforts of its local GAPPA and a £5k Foundation community award.

The parks playground has not been updated for over 20 years, forcing the town’s 6,000 residents to venture further afield to seek a suitable playground for their children.

The Community Award will be used to fund much needed play equipment for use by the local children. In particular to fund the purchase of an inclusive wheelchair roundabout, to make it accessible to disabled children.

“As a mother living in Halesworth, it has always been disappointing to me that there isn’t a better play area to take my daughter to. When I heard of GAPPA and what they were campaigning for, I knew that the community awards were the perfect way to help raise the necessary funds. We have been completely overwhelmed by how much support we’ve received from the community and can’t thank both them, and OneFamily enough.”
Sara Bluffield, OneFamily Customer

“We are overwhelmed by the support we have had in gaining enough votes to secure this £5,000. We have worked so very hard over the past 12 months with fundraising events and it would have taken us another 6 months at least, to raise the necessary funds. This has now put us at almost at our target and we are hugely grateful to the OneFamily Foundation for giving us this opportunity. Thank you!
Jane Kircher, Chair of GAPPA

OneFamily are really looking forward to seeing the new playground when it’s up and running!