Exmouth Gig Rowing Club wins £25,000 to build a new Cornish gig boat

Rowing club members gather on a beach

Exmouth Gig Rowing Club won a £25,000 Community Award to commission a new Cornish Pilot Gig. They were one of 4 projects to be awarded £25,000 in the first round of Community Awards, securing the highest number of votes in the ‘Sport and Social Groups’ category.

Additional funding will allow the club to commission and purchase a new, traditionally built, wooden gig, along with the relevant equipment that is needed; seat pads, oars and safety items.

The new boat and relevant equipment will enable the club to establish a new youth team and encourage its current members to train more regularly. The club will also be able to enter into more regattas as only traditionally built wooden gigs are allowed to compete.

Exmouth Gig Club was nominated for a Community Award by Nicola Price, a OneFamily customer and member of the club.

“The funding will make a fantastic difference to the club. New Cornish gigs are expensive and need to be hand crafted by a specialist boat maker. The new addition will encourage our members to take part in more competitions!”

Nicola Price, member of Exmouth Gig Rowing Club

The club brings people together from all ages and backgrounds and plays an important part in the local community. Gig rowing has many health and social benefits and attracts people who admit they might not otherwise exercise at all.