East Plean Primary School win £5,000 for new play area

Pupils of East Plean Primary School

The students and teachers of East Plean Primary School in Stirlingshire are celebrating winning the £5,000 Community Award from the OneFamily Foundation.

The funding is intended to transform a large area of unused land into a safe and sustainable play area for the children to enjoy. Not only that, the whole community will benefit from the funding as it will also go towards a vegetable patch that can be used by everyone.

OneFamily customer and mother to Mother to two children who attend East Plean Primary School is delighted to have seen the school win the award.

“We can transform this unused area of the playground into something the children and indeed the whole community can enjoy for years to come!”
Laura Mackintosh, OneFamily Customer

The project hopes to educate the children about healthy living and understand the food chain. It will also encourage the children to explore and reconnect with nature and bring them closer to the community.

Currently the pupils are restricted to a small play area as the rest of the outside space is too steep to use. The funding will be spent on an engaging and fun playground, complete with seats and woodland shelter.

Once the space is complete we can’t wait to see what a difference it makes to the pupils of East Plean Primary School and the local community.