Children’s hospice in Cambridge wins £25,000 Community Award

Foundation employees and staff members stand around a hydrotherapy pool

East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) won a £25,000 Community Award to refurbish its hydrotherapy pool at their Milton based hospice.

The charity supports young people with life-threatening conditions, as well as providing support for their families. It has three hospices offering care services across East Anglia, and offers a range of therapies and treatments for children with complex needs and end of life care.

OneFamily customer Teresa nominated EACH for the Community Award as she’s seen first-hand the benefits of hydrotherapy. Teresa’s eldest son Alex lives with a disability and has undergone multiple operations as a result.

“The project was Alex’s idea after facing challenges of his own. He wanted to demonstrate that he may be a little person but he can do something really big for children and their families, who are facing an unimaginably difficult time.”

Teresa Watkin-Child, OneFamily customer

Hydrotherapy is a vital service offered by the hospice that can help alleviate pain and build strength in muscles that out of water therapies aren’t able to achieve. The hospice in Milton will be spending the £25,000 on replacing its boiler to ensure the temperature of the pool can be regulated, and they’ll be installing a new dehumidifier so the sessions are more comfortable for people with respiratory problems.

We hope it’s not long before more children and their families are able to benefit from the valuable therapies available at the Milton hospice and can enjoy bonding time in the new and improved hydrotherapy pool.