Dell Primary School wins £5,000 to buy indoor and outdoor play equipment

Four children run across a gym, carrying or kicking balls

Dell Primary school in Chepstow, Wales, won a £5,000 Community Award from the Foundation to fund stimulating play equipment for the pupils to enjoy.

Research has shown that children learn more effectively through play and it’s an essential part of childhood development. The funding will allow the school to purchase new facilities for its 400 pupils, which will replace broken and poor-condition toys.

The new play facilities will enhance the learning experience for pupils at the start of their learning journey, helping them develop essential social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills while also having fun.

Janet Hopkins, a member of the Parent Teacher Association of the school and also a OneFamily customer, nominated Dell Primary School for a Community Award.

“Play is an essential part of children’s development. The aim is to provide a range of indoor and outdoor equipment play so children can learn about themselves, their peers and the world around them.”

Janet Hopkins, PTA member

Interacting with others through role play provision, will help the children to understand the importance of communication, cooperation and empathy, all of which are essential elements of development. Play scene activity panels will stimulate imaginative outside play whilst the indoor equipment will facilitate independent and creative thinking for children at the school.